Field Measuring / As-built Services

Field measuring is the process of verifying the existing (as-built) conditions and documenting these actual conditions of any given structure, facility, building or residence. Accurate As-built measuring is one of the most important elements of any post construction process.

Real estate companies, Developers, construction consultants, architects, Engineers, Interior designers, property and facility management companies all need this services in different level of their work to provide a professional and accurate report from existing condition of any building.

Field measuring can include:

  • As-Built floor plans
  • As-Built Exterior & Interior elevations
  • As-Built sections & ceiling plans
  • As-Built Electrical plans
  • As-Built Mechanical plans
  • And much more.
Architectural CAD Drafting

Drawing assistance can be provided on floor plans, exterior & interior elevations wall or building section, electrical plans, mechanical plans and much more. These drawings will be drawn utilizing your office CAD standards, AIA layering standards or creative cad design standards. To see examples of our architectural CAD drafting project go to our project page.

CAD Conversion / Paper to CAD

This is the process of redrawing existing sketches or blueprints into the latest version of AutoCAD or Revit.


Our team can assist Owners, Developers, commercial real estate companies and Architects with assigning proper space relationships for your new and existing construction. These services may include floor plans, furniture layouts, square footage calculations and much more.

Site planning

We help you the client determine the size of the building you can built on a lot before making an offer. We will provide you a detail site plan with functional design layouts and city requirements.

Architectural Rendering

We can convert your 2D drawings into full 3D models and designs. Our experience and expertise can bring your concepts to life.

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