M-Ron(Imran), get used to hearing that name. He is an 18 year old talented singer/songwriter on the move. Originally from Michigan, but has also lived in Las Vegas, Texas, California and now Atlanta.

Like him, his voice and skills are all over the map. People compare his voice to a wide range of singers such as: Usher, Pleasure P or Sammy. M-Ron is humbled to hear such compliments because these are artists that he admires and wants to be known worldwide just as they are. Other artists that he looks up to are Chris Brown, Donny Hathaway and Michael Jackson.

M-Ron is new to the public scene, but he's been doing his music behind the scene for a long time. When he's not writing his lyrics or singing his tunes, he's out there networking, meeting producers and people in the music industry.

If you get to know him, you would see that he's not just a business man. He's a fun, laid back and chilled type person. He enjoys hanging out with his friends, being athletic in sports like track & field and basketball. He also loves to travel, and dance.

After all is said and done, there's a side to M-Ron that likes to be alone with his thoughts, and he considers himself a deep thinker. This is when he enjoys writing poetry and rap. He says, "Just like Tupac Shakur and Michael Jackson, people who have something to say, there's always a story behind their words". M-Ron has a story behind his words too, just listen.

If you haven't heard M-Ron's singles, "Something Different" which is a slow track or his pop track, "Brain Dead" you are missing out. Check the songs out here on this website, and be on the lookout for M-Ron's YouTube channel, and other social media ways his fans can connect with him. For now, you can catch up with him on twitter, follow him @Imran_Mrlyrical.